Louis Vuitton Seizes Opportunity for New Location in Copenhagen

The French luxury brand Louis Vuitton is renovating what will become the new location for its flagship store in Copenhagen.



Located on Østergade 61 in the heart of Copenhagen sits Højbrohus. A building that dates back to the year 1896. For the past 28 years, this location has been the home of Café Norden, an institution frequently visited by Copenhageners and tourists. Opposite the café, on Amagertorv 2, lies the current flagship store of Louis Vuitton, occupied by the French luxury brand since the early 2010s.  

Højbrohus’ placement in the city makes this spot extremely lucrative due to non-stop foot traffic and excellent visibility. The owner of the property, Danish billionaire Troels Holch Povlsen, is no stranger to receiving inquiries on whether the address is up for grabs.  

In 2012 a dispute occurred between the landlord Povlsen, tenant and owner of Café Norden Flemming Holm Knudsen, and Italian fashion house Prada. At the time, Prada was in the market for a flagship location in  Copenhagen and had, via a real estate agent, found Højbrohus, which was then occupied by Knudsen and his café. The property was valued, and bids for acquisition were placed, but no deal was signed.  

It is said that Louis Vuitton also had an interest in becoming tenants in Højbrohus in 2009, but as fate would have it, they settled for another location.  

Fast forward to 2021, an announcement is made stating the end of Café Norden. The exact reason for the closing of the café has not been disclosed. Now, in 2023, we’re getting ready to witness what Louis Vuitton has in store for us in the center of Copenhagen.  

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