A Look into Gabriel Moses’ Art

Having worked with brands such as Nike, Off-White, Moncler, Burberry, A Cold Wall, Dazed, and more, Gabriel Moses proves that talent knows no age. Let’s have a look into his universe.



The young photographer, Gabriel Moses from South London, has distinguished himself in photography and film direction with his unique and unmistakable aesthetic. The darkness, dim light, and a distant sense of melancholy are only a few of the elements that make his art so distinctive. An ongoing depiction of African beauty and culture is common in his photos and motion pictures.

He recently released a book called Ijó, which contains the works from his first ever solo exhibition by the same name, which took place at 180 The Strand in London, an exhibition place operated by 180 Studios. The exhibition is centered around children and how they experience feelings of joy, laughs, and tears. In the forewords. Moses had stated:

"I grew up with the understanding that children are the most precious form of being. I have always been encouraged to see the world through childlike eyes."

In May of 2022, Moses interpreted his art through the lens of Moncler's creative program called Moncler Voices. An initiative that seeks to showcase different artists' visions of summer through the themes of hope, love, and joy. For this, Gabriel Moses combined the iconic Maya jacket with the tropical climate of Lagos, Nigeria, to reimagine the jacket's functionality.

Gabriel Moses is steadily evolving and growing with his art, and watching him mature through his creative process is truly a pleasurable privilege. With time on his side, we look forward to many more years of the Gabriel Moses aesthetic to bless our eyes. Truly one of PESA BURE'S favorite artists.

Here are some of our favorite works of his:

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