How To Spend a Day Alone in the City

Spending time alone can be challenging for many people, but with the following suggestions, we can keep you occupied for a few days at least.




Go for a walk

Head outside and get some fresh air! One of our favorite things is taking a stroll – with no destination. Whether in the morning or evening, a daily 30-minute walk can yield excellent benefits overall. Both for your physical and mental well-being. If you want extra peace of mind, turn off your mobile phone and ditch the music. Be present and feel the sensations of your surroundings.

Visit a vintage clothing store

To make your wardrobe stand out, a good idea might be to go treasure hunting in vintage boutiques. If old is gold, you might miss out if you only buy the latest new arrivals. Finding that one unique accessory you can buy for a steal is the accessory you will cherish the most because of the history behind it. Besides, there must be a valid reason to acquire those gems if they survive that long.

Explore your city

If you want to know about an excellent spot in your city, ask a tourist. Oddly enough, they might know of a place you’ll fall in love with because they did their homework before arriving in town. We suggest you do the same and explore your city. What does that restaurant that you always pass by serve? Are you sure you know the vibe in that bar you keep saying no to? If your hometown has undiscovered territories, you might want to check them out to bring some people along next time you have company to take care of.

Go window shopping

What’s new? Go and find out! Browsing for the sake of browsing can be helpful when you want to challenge your wardrobe and personal style. Often when shopping, you only try out pieces you know you might want to buy, but with the adventurous mindset that goes along with window shopping, you might find yourself liking that pattern that used to be a certain no-go. This activity is also a great chance to get to know different brands more intimately with a fingertip feel of what kind of garments they have in store. Skip the usual. Go bold.

Handwritten journaling

We know yet another kumbaya activity. But hear us out. There is a difference between being alone and lonely. Only when you are alone can you go deep into how you feel and then document your current state of being. We recommend going out in a green area for you to journal. Writing your thoughts down is like taking weight off your shoulders. It is such an excellent way to unwind and relax. It is indeed time spent wisely.

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