Vinny’s Is Bringing Classic Back

VINNY's was born in the heat of the sneaker epidemic of the late 2010s. Today, it serves as an idea. A culture shift. Proving that you don't need grey hair to qualify for wearing loafers.



Whether you get your daily dose of social media from Instagram or TikTok, it is almost certain that you've come across a new phenomenon among this generation's youth: dress shoes. Bringing classic fashion stables back to revisit today's trends is far from a new strategy. But when convenience and heritage meet, you get something like VINNY's – A Scandinavian shoe brand with roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The brand is the brainchild of Virgil Nicholas, who is the sole founder and works as the creative director. VINNY's is named after the son of Nicholas, Vincent-Laurent. It came to be as a result of a Congolese upbringing where tradition, good manners, and grooming were the credo. 

Amidst the oversaturated sneaker wave of recent years, VINNY's answered a silent cry for help. As with every trend, they come to an end. And with the rise of VINNY's, we're entering a new era once again - the question now is whether loafers have come to stay.

Rebellion and breaking traditions have long been a characteristic strictly imposed on the young. And if the ruling power of footwear consists of sneakers, then the wearing of loafers could resemble that the youth is doing what they are destined to do. However, the return of loafers indicates something way less assertive than a rebellion against the modern-day shoe conventions. It might very well mean a change in attitude – a paradigm shift.

Virgil Nicholas tells the Danish media DRTV that the initial thought of creating a shoe brand came about when he attended a wedding where several friends rocked the suit + sneaker combination. And it instantly clicked. He knew right then and there that a modern loafer brand was needed, and he was the man to answer that call. Fast forward to late 2019, and in comes VINNY's.

Even though inspiration struck him at a wedding, loafers can be worn in many ways – in almost any way. To make this point, just open up Pinterest and look at the iconic airport-style pictures from the 90s and notice precisely how versatile loafers can be.

Now, when speaking of footwear, a few models are certified timeless. And up there with the greats, we have the penny loafer. Whether the manufacturer is called Prada, Tod's, or VINNY's, we can all agree on one thing: the penny loafer is as classic as classic can be, and rightfully so. Whether you dress them up or down, they serve as a solid foundation for any ensemble of clothing that one might wear. 

At, you'll see a variety of shoes. Spanning from the previously mentioned penny loafer to the chic horsebit. In the Scandinavian market, we've seen that the Le Club is famous for its chunky sole that makes the walking experience all that more comfortable, proving that you don't need to compromise comfort in pursuing the ideal look. 

With VINNY's still being the young company it is, we cannot help but look forward to how such a youthful brand will keep reinventing the loafer to suit today's needs. So far, so good, and we don't know what tomorrow brings. But one thing is for sure: the loafer will remain a classic. And we're here for it.

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